Bellecrest Estates – FAQs

Q. Where can I find resident requirements for Bellecrest Estates?
A. Bellecrest resident requirements can be found in the following documents:

Q. What is the amount of Annual Membership Assessments?
A. At this time the basic assessment is $1000 per parcel or lot per year. This amount can change with a vote of the membership. The level of annual assessment is reviewed each year and changed based on the approved budget for the year.

Q. Are there any other Assessments?
A. Maintaining our private road system is a core purpose of our HOA.  In 2000, a major road maintenance upgrade was performed on 60% of our system. Funds were provided by the road reserve and a Special Assessment of $3,690 per lot.  In 2007, the remaining 40% of the road system was upgraded.  Funds were provided by the road reserve and a Special Assessment of $1,400 per lot.  While the Bellecrest Road System remains in good condition, primarily due to vigilant maintenance and low traffic volume, the roads are aging, with some exceeding their 15-year life expectancy.  Lot owners should assume future special assessments for road upgrades.

Q. What are the restrictions relative to lot size?
A. Currently, lots must be at least 2.4 acres. Please refer to Protective Covenants.

Q. Are all roadways within the boundaries of the Bellecrest Estates maintained by the Association?
A. No. There are a few limited use access roads that are not maintained by the association. Specific questions should be referred to Property Owners or a Board member. A legal definition of the Bellecrest Estates Road System can be found in the Governing Documents – By Laws.
(Updated 11/7/2016)